Roscoe, Snyder, & Pacifc Railroad

Welcome to the Plains of West Texas.

Trainz Pro Routes is proud to present the Roscoe, Snyder & Pacific.Thank you all for your support!

This TRAINZ route models the ENTIRE 37 miles of RSP trackage from Roscoe, Texas to Snyder, Texas and includes several miles of the Union Pacfic ( Ex TP ), and Santa Fe Railway trackage.
There is a large amount of custom content made specifically for this route. Custom items include specific signs, buildings, vehicles, telephone lines, bridges, equipment, and even people. This helps to give the route a character specific to the prototype.
Thank you to ALL the custom content creators whose work has enabled this route to accurately model the prototype and give the route its unique character.

Most of the RSP action is centered around Roscoe, Texas. The National Railcar Corporation car rebuilding facility is located here and generates a great deal of traffic and switching.
Also at Roscoe is the interchange with the Texas & Pacific and a small engine facility.
The famous Plowboy Grain elevator is on the Texas & Pacific trackage at Roscoe and includes a custom sign and structure modeled after the prototype.

At Wastella, TX, there is a small siding and cotton gin.

Indadale, TX is known for the.cotton gin and grain loader.

Hermleigh, TX has several switching possibilities around the depot, cotton loader, siding, and industry. The Santa Fe also has trackage here on the East edge of town with a siding and depot.

The RSP and Santa Fe trackage are just a few yards apart on either side of Hwy 84 from Hermleigh to Snyder which makes railfanning an interesting experience.

Just South of Snyder is the large Ezell-Key feed mill served by the RSP. A loading and unloading track here generate traffic and switching for the RSP.

Snyder, TX is a railroad town. Both the RSP and Santa Fe have yards in town. This is the junction of the RSP and Santa Fe.
Snyder boasts several industries, a wye, and yard along the RSP trackage. The Santa Fe also has a yard in town. Just north of town the Santa Fehas a few oil loading facilities along the mainline.

Trainz Pro Routes welcomes you to the plains of West Texas..

For more prototype information please visit Jeff Ritter's Official Roscoe, Snyder and Pacific fan website.

RSP Official Prototype Website


Roscoe, Snyder and Pacific uses a great deal of TPR Custom Content that is not on the Auran Download Station. All of this custom content can be found at the TPR Download Depot or by clicking these links.

Road Speed Objects

Inadale Co-Op

Inadale Gin

Highway Speed Boards

Plowboy Grain Elevator

Ezell-Key Feeds

Plowboy Sign

RSP Power Lines

Santa Fe Railroad Bridge 1

Santa Fe Railroad Bridge 2


Highway 180 Sign

RSP Signs and Weevil Traps

Hermleigh Santa Fe Depot

Santa Fe Sign Pack

Santa Fe Telegraph Poles

Snyder Buffalo Sign

Old Snyder Gas Station

RSP county, road, railroad signs


Beware Of Tractors

Wastella Cotton Gin

Custom Roscoe, Snyder & Pacific Locomotives And Rolling Stock

RSP 500 & 600 Locomotives

RSP 500 & 600 Locomotive Engine Specs

RSP 50ft Boxcar

All other custom content created for RSP is on the Auran Download Station.

Lone Star Beer Sign

RSP Switchstand Left

RSP Switchstand Right

Fullerville Oil Loading Rack 1

Fullerville Oil Loading Rack 2

RSP Jeff

RSP Gary

TPR Signal Hill Radio Tower

John Deere Cotton Harvester

Cotton Trailer Empty

Cotton Trailer Full

John Deere Tractor

Chevy Blazer


Creosote Bushes

RSP Route Map Coming Soon


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RSP at NRC Switching

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TP to Santa Fe Transfer

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RSP 500 and 600 work the Roscoe Plowboy Grain Elevator.
RSP 500 And 600 Work Plowboy Grain Elevator in Roscoe.
Signs, Weevil Trap, Elevator, Jeff, Locos, and Power Lines all CUSTOM for RSP!

National Railcar Corporation in Roscoe. In this shot, you can see the trackage at NRC.
National Railcar Corporation trackage in Roscoe

National Railcar Corporation in Roscoe. In this shot, you can see the trackage at NRC.
National Railcar Corporation trackage in Roscoe
Note Custom Switchstands !

Wastella, Texas  Custom Cotton Gin.
Aerial View of Wastella, Texas Note custom Gin, cotton wagon, switchstands, and signs.

Inadale, Texas
Inadale, Texas Note the custom Cotton Gins.

Hermleigh, Texas
Aerial Shot Of Hermleigh. SF Trackage on far side of town.

Ezell-Key near Snyder
Custom Ezell-Key Feeds near Snyder

Snyder, Texas
Snyder, Texas Joint RSP/SF yard

Near Snyder, Texas
Oil Pump Installation West of Snyder in the Badlands
Note Custom Oil Tanks!

Near Snyder, Texas
Hwy 180 passing under Santa Fe Trackage near Snyder.
Note CUSTOM SF Bridge !.