Keith Cooper

** AKA **

** kcooper **

To give you a quick idea of who I am, I'm married with 2 wonderful children. For over 10 years I've worked in IT and telecommunications on software and hardware implementation projects as specifier, contract/project manager and testing. Recently I moved into a 2-3 year project of service specification (internal service level agreements), as I had enough of being on call 24x7.

From a trainz point of view, I was involved in 'n' scale as a kid, then grew out of it into wine, women and song, eventually got married and later revived my interest in railways (I like UK stuff, but have thoroughly enjoyed clinchfield and some other US routes). PC stuff started with BVE, MSTS then Trainz. I prefer scenario based running, much as I enjoyed timetable based running on model layouts.

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