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I come from a family of engineers, electrical and aeronautical. But with me… something happened… I became an ‘artist/craftsman’, a ‘renaissance man’, or is it that I just get bored easily. I have had several ‘professions’, including ‘split-bamboo’ fishing rod builder, ‘Antiquarian Print Seller’, ‘Restauraunteur’, and others. I am a 100% disabled Vietnam veteran and have a LOT of free time! Now and for the past few years, I build and manage web sites for several non-profit groups and a few friends. My wife and I live in Santa Cruz, California.

My father Hubert M. Drake, an aeronautical engineer, was a member of the X-1, ‘sound barrier’, program at Muroc (later Edwards AFB). We moved west in 1947 to Mojave. This meant a train trip to my grandparents, in the east, every summer. The El Capitan to Chicago! Those memories ‘sustain’ me to this day and they are, for me, the roots of Trainz.

My grandfather, Harcourt C. Drake an electrical engineer was head of research at Sperry Products and invented the 'induction method' of transverse fissure detection in 1928. It was used by Sperry Rail Service until 1960 and saved thousands of lives by detecting transverse fissures before the rail failed. He would regale me with stories of the wilds of Colorado on the Denver and Rio Grande. I have a photo in the of him, in the 1930's standing next to the testing car at the Hanging Bridge!

Model RR has always been present in my life, since Lionel at 5 years old on the classic 4X8 sheet of plywood! Now I have a large collection of KATO with no place to run it (we live in a Mobile home). So…when I heard about Train Sims on the computer…I started with MSTS… I tried, I really did! But it was just too much. The infamous Route Editor… ‘don’t get me started’! And then, February 2002…Trainz! I immediately began building my TTBWRR in Trainz. It was as smooth as glass, no worries, and now for the trees. Redwoods, Pines, Firs… wait a minute…where are they? Not available. I needed trees that dwarfed the rest of the content… Tall Trees in fact! Then came gmax and the idea of building my own content…I worked at it and discovered… I can do this! Since then it’s gotten just bit out of hand! Now I spend most of my time creating content.

I am honored to join this group of fine craftsman and artists and look forward to bringing what creativity I have to bare in future projects. All Aboard!

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