Ishmael Morales

** AKA **

** Ish6 **

I was raised and educated in New York City. I graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and met my wife there. 14 years together, married, and still life is great.

I am an aspiring screenwriter, focusing on action adventure and science fiction movies. Hopefully one of these days an agent will read my script and give me a call.

As for trainz, the best part is the creation factor and flexibility. That was what drove me to buy the game 4 years ago. The idea of making your own routes and creations, and then making that world come alive made me feel like a little boy.

I know the cliche is over killed, but it's true. Me, like many out there, had the chance to open their first train set on Christmas morning and setting it all up so many years ago. Now, here I am, and continue to be a big fan of Trainz World !!

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