Stuart Thurstan

** AKA **

** weevil **

I'm a Design Engineer and live in the North West of England. My fascination with railways can probably be blamed on my father as it goes back as far as I can remember.

Having spent over the last 10 years as a frustrated railway modeller Trainz is a dream come true. I now do not need to agonise over compromises enforced by restrictions of space. I found Trainz in September 2001 and signed up immediately and it has remained a favourite leisure interest ever since. I'm at my happiest doing route research, collecting digital elevation data and maps or tracklaying in surveyor. Whilst I have been known to dabble in Gmax I find texture mapping about as much fun as having my teeth pulled!

When I'm not playing Trainz I am usually busy playing the Cornet in the Haslingden and Helmshore brass band.

You can often find me making a nuisance of myself in the forums under the nickname "weevil".

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