The Camas Prairie project was taken from a track plan published in "Model Railroad Planning, 1998" by Kalmbach publishing company. The author of the route and track plan is Dave Clemens and we wish to give him credit for the plan and the idea to do this project.

The portion of the Camas Prairie that is modeled is the fertile valley of Camas Valley in western Idaho near the Washington state border. This area is highly agricultural with many grain elevators. Peas are a large part of the agricultural production. The Camas Prairie is also a timber hauling railroad. But, Dave Clemens did not include this operation in his track plan. Mr. Clemens has another track plan published for the Camas that features the timber industry and we may include this as an addition to the Camas Project at a later date. We have taken a bit of "modelers license" with Dave's track plan and added on a small timber operation.

The project features a large staging yard in which the user can stage trains "off-line" to deliver commodities to and take commodities and empties from the industries "on-line". Many grain hoppers are needed to service the many grain facilities found on Camas. A coal mine is also represented on the project and empty coal trains can be set up in the staging area, taken to the mine to oload and then back to the staging to unload. The staging area uses the TRS2004 feature "basic industries" track to allow unloading of commodities in the staging area.

A typical operating session would feature at least two fairly large grain trains staged in the "off-line" staging. One empty coal train of about 30 cars should be staged and at least one "general freight" with a few box and tank cars should be built and placed in staging. Numerous "full" grain cars can be placed at the numerous grain elevators on the route. A "sprinkling" of other cars can be set at the various other industries. By the time the user runs the grain trains to the elevators, makes at least one coal run and runs at least one "peddler" freight to service the other industries "on-line", several hours of great operation will have taken place !

The Camas Prairie project is not a large route but it is packed with operational possibilities and should provide many hours of fun !





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