Please note that files listed here are in addition to other dependant files available in other locations - such as the Auran Download Station, or other 3rd Party Site. Where ever possible we have provided a KUID list, however for those of you who are able to, we highly recommend using our Asset Seeker Program to help you determine what assets you are missing, and where to download them from. If for some reason, you cannot find a certain file, please contact us via our route support forum and provide the route name and missing content KUID.

***Clinchfield Route - UTC Version***

VAV Textures

Readme file for the Fremont Turn Scenario

Black Mountain Scenario Info Pack

***Tehachapi Route - UTC Version***

Tehachapi KUID LIST

Tehachapi Loop Cross

US Crossings Pack 1

US Crossings Pack 2

Wind Turbine (via Trainz Luvr)

Tehachapi Bakersfield Local Scenario Info Pack

Tehachapi Return to Mojave Scenario Info Pack

***Progressive Rail - UTC Version***

VAV Ballast

Progressive Switcher Loco SW-7 # 2374

Progressive Switcher Loco SW-7 # 67

Progressive Switcher Loco SW-7 # 74

Progressive Challenge Scenario Readme File

***Clearlake Logging Co.***

Clearlake KUID LIST

Clearlake .trk file for the Log Turn Scenario - TRS2004 Version

***Sandy River***

Sandy River KUID LIST

***Prospector Route - UTC Version***

Additional Ballast Textures

Sandstone Textures 1

Sandstone Textures 2

Sandstone Textures 3

NG Trestle Pack

Comm Antenna

D&RGW Watertank

***Camas Prairie Layout - TRS2004***

Camas KUID List (from the Camas config file)

TPR Camas Custom Content Pack

LARS Commodity System Set 1

*For the rest of the custom content we recommend using ASM or TrainzObjects.*

***Lots Creek Branch - TRS2004***

[ 30671:27359 = LARS MARKER POLE

30671:27361:1 = LARS PL COAL

Both can be found at this link. ]

Lars pole & pl coal

33404:504449:2 is a Dave Drake Building and can be found at his site at this link:


38408:28010:3 is the VMD COAL MINE and can be found at this link.


All other content is on the Auran DLS.

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