Progressive Rail + TPR BlackMountain + Freemont SubTurn

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Progressive Rail + TPR BlackMountain + Freemont SubTurn

Postby coronagsxr750 » February 20 2006

I download these scenarios and i get unable to load scritp error all the time for those 3 scenarios,,,when i go to load huntley hostler i get missing assets...i can play a day on the clinch fine np....i have trs04 ver 2.4 2365
can someone plz tell me what to do ????and how to fix this i would love to play on progressive rail especially.. thx for your time
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Postby dh2k3 » February 20 2006

These scenarios were created for UTC and will NOT work on TRS2004.

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Postby Argenfarkle » October 02 2006

From where did you download them? I cannot find download links to any of the TPR scenarios. Just information text.
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Postby Momentum » October 02 2006


Have a look at the dates on the original posts. These scenarios were available from the old TPR download pages. I don't think they ever migrated to the new pages.

On top of that, because these were released for UTC and earlier all had the source encoded to .GSL files.

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