Industries setup in SCS2013

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Industries setup in SCS2013

Postby oba » November 25 2015


I'm a new TS2012 user and I've a quite simple question about SCS2013.

I've been able to follow the existing manual and move some trains according to the SetPath rule but I can't configure industries interaction with consists. Probably I'm making a very obvious mistake but the fact is that my industries created in TS2012 session don't apear in the SCS2013 menus and I can't aply the load/unload commands.

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Re: Industries setup in SCS2013

Postby WestSideRailways » December 01 2015

Hi there,

is your menus on the right hand side ,there should be a "train Loading/Unloading <-- this menu.

if you click on the "+" sign is will open up.

of course you have to be in a Train Thread to do this.

if you need any more help, just say so.

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