Midwest Great American Train Show May 2nd

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Midwest Great American Train Show May 2nd

Postby Euphod » April 27 2004

Come one, come all to the Midwest Great American Train Show at the Dupage County Fairgrounds in historic Wheaton Illinois! Euphod will be there demonstrating Trainz to the great unwashed hordes and trying to win new converts to the fold! It will be worth it just to see the miniature coffin Ed keeps a copy of MSTS in!

The show runs from 10AM to 3PM and you can heckle Ed in the Main Hall! A rumored special guest may be Mr. John Keenan, there to sign autographs and discuss the endless permutations of the Clinchfield Railroad! Ask him about Prehistoric Clinchfield, or Clinchfield 2525, then get the heck away from the table unless you are buying something!

Ed :shock:
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Postby jpkeenan » May 01 2004


I have a REAL surprise for the show!! A MYSTERY GUEST will be with me!!

See you there!

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Postby dh2k3 » April 30 2010

come one come all I too will be at the train show in building #3 with our model railroad club!

Guess the mystery guest isn't a mystery any more :P
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Postby Smileyman » May 02 2010

And the award for the biggest thread bump goes to...dh2k3.

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