Incorrect screenshots or wrong descriptions

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Incorrect screenshots or wrong descriptions

Postby robin_hoods » October 29 2012

From a previous thread it now looks like some content has had their screen-shots replaced by one of the latest ones I had uploaded (Trackmobile 4250) I think this may have been caused by the name $screenshot$ as a lot of users uses this for their screen-shots..
While I have changed some files back to what screen shot they should have I have no idea how many may have been changed.
There may be more out there that I have not seen so I am asking you all to look out and let me know if you find any.
Please post back here with the kuid numbers of any item you find as I dont have time to go through every file on the Depot.
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TPR Online Support
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Re: Incorrect screenshots or wrong descriptions

Postby whitepass » October 31 2012

Each screenshot has to have a unique file name per user kuid. I found this out the hard way.
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