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ground textures

Postby umphies » January 28 2014

Hello all,
Glad there is still somewhere where I can put forward problems I have with trs 2004...Often when downloading routes that are labelled trs 2004 I find assets that are a later build than 2.4...Probably because they have been updated but the 2.4 version seems to no longer exist...I have found sometimes simply by changing the build number in the config files all works ok...I am particularly interested in getting ground textures to work as these are the most obvious when they do not appear...Changing the build number does not work..Is there a way to make these textures appear??

Thank you in advance...
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Re: ground textures

Postby fabartus » September 11 2014

I took N3V to the woodshed over missing kuids from TRS2006 in April or May--with a direct response by Tony Hilliam, and magically within 18 hrs or so of 525 missing assets on the DLS, over 400 suddenly appeared on the DLS, so make a recheck. As far as the technical side goes, the TRS2004-SP4 and TRS2006 game engine are pretty much the same beast. All the upgrades went into CMP from what I can tell in analyzing the progression of the data model across versions for the Wikibook and Trainz Wiki work I've been doing.

Bottom line, if you can find it, I'd expect any ground texture UTC--TC3 to work if you retrograde the build. The TC's might have a more advanced graphics line in the texture.txt file, but use the comment out procedure here and most things should work with the old default modes which the newer graphics criteria are often now making mandatory above a certain trainz-build.

This site: may help you find some kuids online. Works a treat. // Frank
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