Traincars with interior bug

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Traincars with interior bug

Postby mawsterx » December 01 2015

Hello all. I seem to have found a bug in Trainz 2006 that I haven't seen before. I scoured the various Trainz forums looking for something similar but found nothing. What happens here is if I click on a train car without an interior then proceed to click on one that does (say a caboose or passenger car), I get a non-fatal script error (see attachment).
script.jpg (136.13 KiB) Viewed 777 times
This only happens if the cars are NOT coupled to a locomotive, when coupled to a loco all is fine. If I select continue on the error that pops up I lose my HUD. This doesn't seem to happen in Trainz 2010 or 2012 as far as I can see. Wonder if anyone else has encountered this or would be willing to test it out. Many thanks! :)
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