Cumberland to Connellsville Route

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Cumberland to Connellsville Route

Postby sonofham » November 10 2017

Cumberland to Connelsville
In the route there is a bridge north north west of Connellsville which you can switch over the river from the tracks that go to the portals 21 & 22 C&O to Pittsburgh to the tracks that go to the portal 20 P&LE to Pittsburgh.

The problem is where the tracks on the one side connects(can't remember which side) to the bridge is not aligned and as a result causes any consist in TRS 2004 to de-rail instantly...Should have posted this ages ago but didn't get around to because of real life issues,etc....

Not sure if it is due to me not having every item installed but afaik I have all the tracks,bridges,etc installed.I have 73 items yet to be downloaded which are David Drake content which hopefully isn't the cause of the derailments....

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