Lots Creek is based upon a model railroad track plan that can be found at the Appalachian Modeler's web site at this location.

Fred Dugger has put together a great route map for the project and you can get it here. ((NOTE : Right click and save target as...))
We suggest that you download and print out the map as it will make learning the layout much easier.

The Lot's Creek Branch is a subdivsion of the Louiseville and Nashville Railroad and it runs out of Hazard, Kentucky. This depiction is of the coal tipple operations in this area. The ONLY commodity handled on this project is COAL! The trackplan has been very closely approximated with just a few minor changes. The staging areas of the plan at Ravenna and Dent are depicted with portals. The following is the suggested method of operating on the LCB.

Stage two forty car empty coal trains, one near the portal at Ravenna, the other near the portal at Dent. Set several "branch line" locomotives on the "ready tracks" in and near the engine facility at the yard at Hazard. You may also want to set a couple of switch engines in the area also. Next, populate some or all of the tipples on the branch with ten empty coal cars, as the tipples utilize LARS PL_COAL industry tracks, these cars will load on their own. We suggest you set the beginning time for loading the cars to at least ten minutes. This will give you time to swap out the empties for loads without having the empties you just delivered load while you are there. Don't forget to set all the other values of the LARS PL_COAL tracks!

Now go to Driver and run one of the 40 car trains to the receiving tracks at Hazard Yard, there are two of these and they are marked with trackmarks. Detach the road units and send them to the engine service facility. Then take a switch engine and break down the forty cars you just delivered into two twenty car trains.

Next, bring out one or two of the "branchline" engines you set up earlier from the ready tracks and couple to one of the twenty empty car strings. Take this string out onto the branch and swap empties for loads at two tipples. Return to the yard and take the other twenty car string of empties out the branch and service two more tipples. Return to the yard and make up a train of forty loads and bring your road units out and couple to the loaded consist and send it out the portal next to where you originally staged it. Set the portals to return the train empty in thirty minutes, giving you time to run the second train into the yard and repeating the entire process.

Great care was taken with the scenery to depict the area modeled, but again be aware that this is NOT prototypical route, but is based upon a model railroad track plan.

We hope you enjoy the Lot's Creek Project and should you have any questions or need assistance you can contact me via email.


For some reason the following KUID numbers are reported by TrainzObjectz as missing, the are definately on the download station so be sure you get them if T.O. does not locate them for you.

  • 2:97212:339:1
  • 2:97212:340:1
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