Clinchfield Railroad

The Clinchfield Railroad is an extraordinary railroad. It penetrates the most rugged mountain ranges in the eastern United States. In only 277 miles it operates in five states and crosses four mountain ranges and five major watersheds. It was built to construction standards that were unheard of at the time it was built; consequently, the Clinchfield has not had to enlarge tunnels and strength bridges, as have other roads to handle modern motive power and tonnage.

The Clinchfield ceased to exist as its own entity on January 1, 1983 when it was totally absorbed by the CSX railroad. The Elkhorn Extension is now part of the CSX Kingsport Subdivision.

The Elkhorn Extension

The Elkhorn Extension construction began in 1912 and was completed in 1915. Being the northern most section of the railroad. Beginning at Elkhorn City, KY., where it connected to the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway's Big Sandy Subdivision. It transverses south through 'The Breaks' know as the Grand Canyon of the East. It followed the river and creeks south for 35 miles, ending at Dante, VA.

Route Designer - Kevin Shanks
Assisted by Jeff Ritter & John Keenan




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