Trainz Pro Routes is proud to present this Christmas present to the TRAINZ community. Thank you all for your support!

Now known as the CSX Keystone Sub, the "Sandpatch Grade" is the old B & O trackage from Cumberland, MD. and Ridgely, WV. to Rockwood, PA.
It is known as "Sandpatch Grade" because the summit of the Alleghenny Mountains is at the town of Sandpatch, PA. The route is a continuous climb from Cumberland and Rockwood to the summit, with grades of up to 2%.
Be sure to take note of the Summit sign in Sandpatch, PA as you traverse the route.

The major yard is in Cumberland, MD. The yard features a full service engine facility, a large receiving / departure yard, and a 15 track OPERATING Hump yard. The Hump Yard uses the LARS Hump Yard system for true prototypical operation.
Also at Cumberland is the Amtrak station and the famous "Baltimore Street" with shops and businesses lining the right-of-way.
Just north of Downtown, is the Viaduct Bridge over the Potomac river.

Also in Cumberland, is the famous Western Maryland Scenic Railroad. The WMSR runs a steam excursion train up to Frostburg, PA around the famousHelmstetter's Curve. The WMSR continues West into Ridgely, WV with a small yard , wye, and engine facility.

At Mance, PA, there is a famous horseshoe curve which is frequented by trainspotters. The Mance "training camp" is used by spotters to watch the trains as they struggle up the steep grade. The old general store and the tree farm there make for very picturesque backdrops for railfan photographers.

Foley, PA is known for the deep gorge the track must traverse through the Falls Creek Tunnel and over several bridges. Here again, many trainspotters can be found along the tracks.

Meyesdale, PA and Salisbury Junction is the location of the Salisbury Mine spur. The Salisbury mine is a small operation which generates a few small to medium coal trains.

Garrett, PA is a railroad town. The Garrett Sub trackage extends off to the North here.

Rockwood, PA is the terminus of the "Sandpatch Grade". There is a large interchange with the Western Maryland here for traffic North and South.

Trainz Pro Routes wishes each of you a very Merry Christmas . We hope "Sandpatch Winter" takes you on a trip through the Winter Wonderlandof Pennsylvania and Maryland.


Sandpatch Winter uses several pieces of TPR Custom Content that is not yet on Auran Download Station. You MUST get this content here.

Dave Drake has modeled 24 prototype buildings in and around Sandpatch! Get them from the page below:

CUSTOM Sandpatch Buildings and Autumn trees

Here are more pieces of custom content from our content creators.

CSX Speedboards by Meridious

Summit Of Alleghennies Sign by Meridious

Christmas Lights by Dave Drake

Various CDP files are within these zip files below. Run the CDP files after they are extracted from the ZIP file.

Custom Winter Trees from Dave Drake.

Various Christmas Decorations by Dave Drake

All other custom content is on the Auran Download Station.

Basic Sandpatch Route Map

Basic Sandpatch Route Map - PDF Format from Fred Dugger

To Save to your computer, RIGHT click on link and choose "Save Target As..."

Sandpatch Winter Route

*** DOWNLOAD Sandpatch Winter HERE ***


MFX Ortner

CNR's AWESOME Chessie System and B&O SD-40's

Chessie and B&O SD-40's w/Bogey

MORE Chessie SD-40's!


Sandpatch Amtrak Session

A scenic session. Sit back and watch as your train begins in the pre-dawn hours of Christmas Day.
The Amtrak Christmas Special runs from the Cumberland Amtrak station to Rockwood, then back to the Cumberland Western Maryland Station.
Time accelerated so that you can exprerience both pre-dawn and daytime scenery.

Amtrak Christmas Special Download HERE

NOTE: For the Amtrak session, you will need the Amtrak F40PH on


and the Amtrak Superliners from

HP Trainz HERE

NOTE: You WILL get a "Missing Assets" message with this session. The HP Superliners cause this. Ignore message and continue.When / IF HP fixes this problem, I'll update the session.

Chessie System 1990 Coal Run

A full-length session

You have been called to Meyersdale, PA to operate the Chessie Salisbury Mine Coal Run.
You take your train to Rockwood wye to runaround the train so you can head for the mine. After loading at the mine, you runaround your train to head for Garrett Siding to turn your train again for the trip home to Cumberland yard. Approximately 3 hours running time.


NOTE: This session uses the new TPR MFX Equipped Ortners and Coal Hoppers as well as CNR's AWESOME custom Chessie SD-40's.

Chessie SD-40 Pack One

Chessie SD-40 Pack Two

MFX equipped Ortner Hoppers

MFX equipped Chessie Coal Hoppers

WMSR Steam Excursion Session coming SOON!

Be on the lookout for additional rolling stock, locomotives, sessions, and perhaps a few surprises from TPR for Sandpatch.


Amtrak train in Cumberland, PA.
Eastbound Amtrak Train Crosses Baltimore Street In Cumberland

Christmas Eve
Amtrak Capitol Limited Approaches Cumberland Station on Christmas Eve.

Hyndman Helpers
A Chessie System Coal Train Passes The Hyndman Helper Pocket

S-Curve near Foley
One Of The Many Tree-Lined Curves Along The Route

WM Trackage near Garrett
In-Cab Shot Near Garrett, Pa.

Helmstetters Curve
Helmstetter's Curve On The WMSR

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