In 1863, the newly formed Tidewater Pacific Railroad completed it's first length of track from Tidewater Bay running just shy of 137 miles inland along the course of the Tidewater River to New Manchester. Along the route, the railroad served small industries and towns with a number of short branch lines.

Just 12 miles down the coast from the port of Tidewater, the railroad enters the Tidewater River Estuary, passing over a magnificent stone viaduct that spans Maple Creek and skirting the sleepy town of Mapleton. Here, one of the railroad's many branch lines was built to haul logs, maunfactured goods and raw materials down from the numerous small industries alongside the Maple Creek to the mainline.

BY 1875, the Tideater Pacific had grown to almost 500 miles of trackage and the port of Tidewater was struggling to cope. The railroad took advantage of the deep water estuary to build a second smaller port at the entrance to Maple Creek in order to handle some of the smaller local shipping and ease the burden on the main port at Tidewater Bay. An interchange yard and small engine servicing facility were constructed and the town of Mapleton quickly blossomed.

Like many small branch lines, the Mapleton branch suffered a slow and undignified decline in the post war era as natural resources dried up and overseas markets flooded the country with cheap, high quality products.

In the mid 1970s, the struggling Tidewater Pacific Railroad was made an offer it couldn't refuse by the Big, Ugly and Smelly Railroad. After the buyout, the B.U.& S. sold the near derelict industrial spur and interchange yard to a newly formed company calling themselves the Tidewater Point Railroad. The original track was relayed and an extension built from the lumber mill up the new section to the Tidewater Industrial Complex.

In the years since, the railroad has boomed, profits are up, jobs are plenty and the local economy is doing well.

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